New Year Card 2012 Process

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We just finished printing our New Years cards last weekend and are looking forward to sending them out soon. The process went seemingly smooth until we realized, after making 40 prints of the 1st color, that we hadn’t properly secured our paper holder and therefore we couldn’t get the second color to align consistently and we had to start all over. It was a huge hassle and a good reminder for us to always spend that extra minute to make sure our setup is perfect. Oh well. All is well that ends well.

Here are some sneak peaks of the process. I don’t want to potentially reveal the design before people receive them, so I’m keeping these pics abstract. Keep an eye out for one in your mailbox!




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Mannequin Process

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We started this silkscreening journey by trying a 4 color concert poster for the Rapture, who were playing in San Diego. We listened to lyrics to songs on Echoes, catching a lyric about mannequins. It got us thinking about the strange impersonality of them, and somehow, it seemed to fit with the music. We found some great photos of a series of a posed mannequin. Jason turned these into halftone images, and we positioned them over one another. The positioning created a quirky overlap that seemed like a robotic dance. Jason suggested adding the arrows, and these helped heighten the movement. The concept came together well. The technical process of burning the screens, however, did not. -LS













The story of this process is so long, and so fraught with challenge, that it is hard to write. Several years, multiple set-ups, multiple studios, many weekends, a lot of lost emulsion. Eventually, we figured it out enough to get a few prints out of the mix. We found little things to greatly improve our process…a cardboard box. The trough. The sun. That spray that makes the transparencies darker. And eventually, after more trial and error than I ever believed we’d need, we made some prints. -LS