Raveonettes Concert Poster Process

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We decided to tackle another concert poster, as both Lisa and I have always been big fans of music and the design that accompanies shows. Looking ahead we saw that the Raveonettes are coming to the Belly Up in November and decided that they would be band whose style would be interesting to translate into a Poster visual.  In our initial brainstorm session we tried to narrow down their musical aesthetic to a few main ideas and we ended up with: 50s/60s inspired, heavy feedback, and dark lyrical overtones. [We took on this poster for fun, so it is not officially gonna be sold at the concert or even used to promote the concert. However, it gave us some fun content to work with and hopefully it will be one step towards real opportunities in the future] -JM

Initial brainstorming

Comped layouts

My trusty lightbox

hand-drawn pieces

refined layout comps

We burnt the screens on Saturday and it went really smoothly. The only problem we experienced was washing out the detail of the halftone dots on the mic and also a few letters of the type at the bottom of the poster.

We reuse our screens when we are done with a project, but often ghost images of the old projects remain (see the remnants of the moviegoers poster on the screen below). The build up of faint layers of past projects is really starting to give the screens personality! (though it makes it a little difficult to discern the details of the new coated screen image on top)


Test prints on newsprint

Rinsing the ink out of the screen

Close-up shots of test prints



Stay tuned for the final poster prints!