New Year Card 2012

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We are very happy with how our 2012 New Year cards turned out. They have been mailed (mostly) and the response has been really positive. It nicely compliments last year’s universe theme and makes light of the Mayan impending doomsday predictions. Now the challenge is producing something even better next year!








New Year Card 2011

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The New Year Cards this year were a lot of fun to design and got a great response from the friends and family that received them. We are [finally] getting up a post with pics. Hopefully the year thus far is treating you as well as it is treating us!

And did we mention they glow in the dark! -JM





New Year Card 2010

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Our New Years card that we sent out to our friends and family this year focused on the transition from one year to another and specifically that space in between. Crazy to think that we are already a decade into the 21st century! -JM

New Year 2010 Process

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A sneak peak of our process for the 2010 New Year Card…

Without giving too much away, I’ll say that it is two color. It has a pattern. And we spent a long time mixing the second color. We had our greatest success in aligning the two colors with this piece, though we faced some challenges with ink bleeding.

We are writing and mailing now…who knows? Maybe one is on its way to you.

We’ll post the final in 2010.


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Celebrate Process

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In ideating for a card to send out at the turn of the new year, we focused on our own adventures thus far with silk-screening. As the pursuit of creativity for pleasure was our main goal with our efforts, we figured the new years was a great time to encourage our friends and family to find ways in their own lives to experience the joy of creativity. Through a brainstorming session at Krakatoa we stumbled across the shared letters in “create” and “celebrate.” Utilizing a half fold form-factor would allow us a clever way to send both messages of inspiration to the recipient. The resulting card also provided us with a perfect segue to update people with what we had been up to that year.

The large Create/Celebrate type was fairly easy to transfer to the screen (besides the 1 mess-up shown below), but the small type that we initially laid out for the back of the card proved nearly impossible to burn into the screen. In hindsight, this was due to the fact that the transparency wasn’t dark enough plus we were over exposing it. We ended up using larger type on the back than we had initially planned and even then the type was not nearly as crisp as we had hoped for. Fortunately we heard back nothing but positive feedback from our friends and family that we gave the cards to, which motivated us to push on with our efforts. -JM