Year of the Rabbit Wood Blocks

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This post is a little late, but we are happy to announce that Progress has asked to sell prints of our Year of the Rabbit design! Here are the 3 color varieties that we provided so far. They are printed on
6″ x 6″ blocks.




Marc Desse/The Piper 7″ Split Poster Final

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And here’s the final Marc Dess/The Pipers 7″ Split Poster!






Marc Desse/The Piper 7″ Split Poster Process

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We just finished another project for Bleeding Gold Records. Here are some pics of the process (which went surprisingly smoothly this time around!).





Kraken Final

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Our Kraken piece for the upcoming Subtext show is finally completed! We took a fairly simple illustrative approach, which integrated really well with the existing paint-by-number-ish painting. Then, we re-contextualized the picture in a custom screened TV frame. We titled the piece Saturday Morning Monster to evoke the nostalgia of those carefree childhood times. We’d love to see you at the show!

Release the Kraken!
A Group Exhibition Featuring Vintage Aquatic Paintings Re-Imagined by 30 Artists
August 12th – September 11th
Opening Reception: Friday, August 12th, 6-10pm
Live performance by The Makeup Sex at 9pm

A big thanks to Subtext for including us in their show!






Kraken Process

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We are currently working on a piece for the upcoming Release the Kraken! show at Subtext Gallery. The owners of subtext hunted down vintage thrift store paintings for a year now from all over the country. Each artist was given a painting with a body of water in it, and then asked to “Kraken-ize” it by adding some sea monsters, hydro-creatures & aquatic beasts of their liking.

We screened our design onto the painting last weekend with surprising success! We will be making some slight touch-ups to certain areas because the texture of the acrylic painting made it difficult to get a perfect print, however, we are overall very pleased with how well the image transferred. Check out the process images below.








Golden Glow Poster

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We just completed our second poster print for Bleeding Gold Records. This 12×12 poster will be included with the limited-edition 12″ of Golden Glow’s Tender is the Night. The simple design utilizes the idea of a “golden glow” to capture the underlying theme of isolation found throughout the record.

Bleeding Gold Records T-shirt

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Although we didn’t print these shirts, we did design them in collaboration with Bleeding Gold records. During the process of the Notes “Wishing Well” poster, we created two different options for the design. This alternate design didn’t get used for the poster, but we ended up changing out the Wishing Well/The Notes type for the Bleeding Gold Records logotype, and sent over the art for BR to use for t-shirts. We love the way these came out and are really happy to have had the opportunity to do something to promote such a great label. These have been out for a bit now, and if you want one, you can buy one here.

Year of the Rabbit

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The third of our Chinese New Year series, the 2011 Year of the Rabbit is finally here. It’s actually been done since February, but we are a bit late in posting. Luckily, we still have a lot of 2011 left, and much to celebrate. I think we both are quite excited about the color palette of this year’s print, which is always one of the tougher parts of working on these posters. We really wanted to bring back more of the transparency from the Year of the Ox, but with a more muted tone for the rabbit. It’s hard to believe we’re on the third year of the series…only 9 years to go to complete it.

Process- Back on the Wagon 2011

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After a few month hiatus, due to Lisa visiting family in Baltimore and my 2 week adventure in Thailand, Kaizen is back in action! We just completed our Year of the Rabbit poster (the colors this year are awesome) and we’re getting started on some upcoming projects. We’re confident this will be our best year yet. -JM

Karen sat in on one of our sessions and helped out with an integral part of the process: blowdrying!





New Year Card 2011

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The New Year Cards this year were a lot of fun to design and got a great response from the friends and family that received them. We are [finally] getting up a post with pics. Hopefully the year thus far is treating you as well as it is treating us!

And did we mention they glow in the dark! -JM