Kai·zen noun. a Japanes philosophy advocating the need for continuous improvement—slow, incremental but constant.

Silkscreening. It’s a process that we had both been fascinated by for years. Its tactile qualities, its ability to print on almost any surface…its accessibility. This was a process we could do on our own using resources as simple as the sun and a shower. Furthermore, it gave us control over the entire process from concept to final print. We decided to start working together to explore this interest and give ourselves opportunities to be creative without constraints.

Through our silkscreen collaboration, we have been able to explore images and concepts of personal interest. The process and experimentation have been as important as the end products themselves. The results are not always quite what we had expected going into a project, but the flaws and imperfections are often the things we end up loving the most in the finished pieces.

This site collects our work, from process to completion. Our intention is to connect with the larger creative community who has inspired us.

Lisa Starace + Jason Moll