Mess is More!

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This past weekend we decided that it was time to push our experimentation. With our open studio coming up this Saturday, creating some t-shirt designs to wear seemed like the perfect opportunity. Starting with a very basic type design, we then went on to intentionally mess the screens up as much as possible during the burn process, which resulted in unpredictable, but amazing shirt designs (Lisa gets credit for coming up with the “Mess is More” line).

The process involved under-washing, scratching, spot-brushing on emulsion remover, re-coating part of the screen, re-burning that part of the screen, then more random washing and scratching. This may all sound very complicated, but in the end it was all intuitive and just naturally developed as we went along.

There is no way we could have pre-planned the beautifully random results. -JM






San Diego Poster process

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We are really excited about this one! Months in the making, our ode to San Diego is about to see the light of day. From day one we have really wanted to experiment with using the screen burning process as a means to produce random texture and intentional mess-ups. This project seemed like the perfect candidate. Finding the right balance between distress and refined image has been challenging to say the least and with other variables (including some very fine detail in the design) it has taken us quite a while to get to this point. Fortunately the results are everything we could have imagined. Without further ado, here are some images of the project in process. Stay tuned for a post of the final poster. -JM




New Studio

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We know. We have totally flailed on keeping this blog at all up to date, but we have semi-reasonable excuse: We moved into a new studio space!

OK, so it’s kind of old news because we officially got the space in March, but it has taken a good chunk of time to really get situated. We are now officially settled and ready to produce some great work! Here are some pictures of our new setup.

The studio is in south downtown in the newly established Space 4 Art (, which aims to provide affordable artist live/work units. As you can see we have a good amount of space to work with and we are more than thrilled to have a sink that we can mess up and not worry about cleaning. -JM

Also, SAVE THE DATE: We are having an Open Studio night during the Space 4 Art stArt Here Opening Gala on June 26th from 6-8. Come by and see the new space, drink some free beer and eat some free food (homemade sausages, I believe), and see some of our new and old work. -LS