Year of the Tiger Process

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As 2010 approaches Kaizen Collective is preparing with Year of the Tiger posters, t-shirts and, of course, onesies! We began last weekend by burning the screens. We have decided to use the same background pattern (used on the Year of the Ox posters) as a consistent element in our Year Of poster series. We went back and reburned the pattern with our improved skills and got a much more precise result this time around. -JM


Raveonettes Poster, Part 3: Follow up

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We’re a few weeks behind in getting to this post, but better late than never?

Lisa and I attended the Raveonettes show, which was awesome, and got to see one of our silkscreened posters hanging in the protected display case at the Belly Up. Of course were couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get pictures with it!



Unfortunately the poster was slightly wrinkling due to excessive ink coverage (the paper was 100 lb cover). This is one of the other recent lessons learned (see squeegee post below). We have been trying to use 150-linescreens for multiple purposes and the problems with doing so became apparent when flooding such a large percentage of the poster paper with ink. We have now invested in some 250-linescreens for paper printing projects. -JM

New Squeegee

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Our old Squeegee started producing a streak, so we finally got a new one. It has a softer durometer (70) and has worked like a charm so far! It was so perfect when we got it at McLogans. It only took a matter of seconds to stain it with ink, but in our opinion the more messed up it is, the cooler it becomes (as long as it doesn’t affect the print quality).

new squeegee-2

(and no, I’m not licking it)

an (abstract) old to new comparison

It is also worth noting in this post that Lisa and I have realized how truly little we know about silkscreening. We hit a few bumps in the road that made us realize that some of the things we have been doing are not correct. Our process was producing reasonable results, but not supporting larger runs and such. This motivated us both to research the endless silkscreening resources online. We experienced some discouragement as we discovered that we weren’t implementing certain basic techniques. However, we were also encouraged to see how much we were doing right, which stood as a nice contrast to our feeble understanding of the process when we began our endeavors a few year ago. It will be exciting to see how much further we progress in the next few years! -JM