TV Dinner

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On a woodblock. The perfect Kitchen adornment.

TV Dinner Process

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This is another project concept that spawned from a painting that I did in college. The TV dinner has so many connotations including American, compartmentalized, fast, cheap, and individual to name a few. Just imagining someone coming home from a day at work to pop a TV Dinner into the microwave and watch their favorite evening programming paints a vivid mental image. It is also an easily recognizable visual, which lends itself well to a simplified graphic interpretation. -JM

If the TV dinner is meant to be eaten quickly, distractedly in front of the TV, then why the checkered tablecloth? The icon of the tablecloth, so common in Italian restaurants and picnics and family tables, is an ironic nod to what dinner has become. Instead of gathered families eating food lovingly prepared, dinner becomes distanced, impersonal, and eaten in isolation.-LS







Moviegoers Concert Poster

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When the opportunity arose to try making concert posters for the Moviegoers, I thought it would be a good chance for us to try a client-oriented project with a deadline, but while still trying to maintain a focus on silkscreening as a creative outlet.

Technically, this project was a good step forward for us, as it had some thinner rules and smaller type than we had done in the past. Also, it involved aligning two colors. In the end, despite a few technical and weather-related problems (which you can read more about in the Process post, the finals achieved the right retro quality, and when they were trimmed with rounded corners, really stood out in the venue and around town from the other posters of the time.-LS

Moviegoers Concert Poster Process

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I have a lifetime love of cassettes, especially blank ones, which allowed me to discover and help others discover new bands, songs, and genres of music. They were some of the first items I made for people, not only crafting playlists, but also covers. Making tapes was a way to share and discover new bands, and with this poster I wanted to imply that these bands were ones to discover, like the bands I used to discover trading tapes. I found some good resource imagery online, and used one photo as the basis of the Illustrator drawing.

One problem we did face was a bad weather. We burn screens in the sun, which usually isn’t a problem in San Diego, except in the months of May and June, when it can be cloudy and rainy. The weather impacted our screening and delayed our process by at least a week.

When we did finally get the screens successfully burned, the process was fairly smooth. Jason mixed up the perfect green and orange colors for the posters, and it was great to know that we really could create the colors we wanted with accuracy. The Moviegoers had given us some Arches Watercolor paper to print on, and the color looked great on them. The finals had some texture in them that we hadn’t initially intended, but as we worked on them, we realized that for this project, the imperfections were adding to the nostalgia in a good way. Sometimes the unexpected is exactly what works best.-LS




Year of the Ox

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A celebration of 2009 and of people born in the year of the ox, the design portrays the ox, the giant working animal, who loves and wants to be loved. -LS

Year of the Ox Process

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Astrology is filled with archetypes and cultural icons…symbolic representations of important values and ideas. Chinese astrology, with its animal-based chart, is particularly visually rich. It can also be humorous, especially when your best friend, a petite and attractive woman in lipstick and heels, is an ox. We often joke about her “oxen-ness” and she often signed off her e-mails, “xo, ox” (a play on the xoxo hugs and kisses). So when we began to brainstorm ideas for new pieces, I was thinking of the humor of this phrasing, of the symbol of the ox, and what it might mean for the year of 2009. I thought it could be a fun piece to try.-LS

kaizen-sketches-1030 copy


I began with quick, stylized sketches. I wanted to capture something both playful and serious, strong but kind-hearted. I explored a more realistic rendering of the ox, then settled back on the more simplified approach. -LS


This is some of my exploration for the background pattern. I incorporated the number 12 in reference to the 12 months/animals in the chinese zodiac calendar. I also used circular elements to correlate with the circular representation of the chinese zodiac that I came across during my research. -JM


I have an unnatural obsession with Rubylith. I love to cut it. I wanted the Ox to feel more hand-crafted…I didn’t want it to just be a perfect vector image. The Rubylith introduces the hand, but is easy to scan and get something that can be cleaned up a little in Illustrator. I especially love the effect on the typography. I used in this project to create type that had the proportions of a well-crafted typeface, but had some rough, hand-crafted edges as introduced by the carving. At first, when we just had the text typeset on the computer, it didn’t seem unified with the image. When I carved the text, it produced small variations that are difficult to create in the computer, and this helped make the Ox image and the type feel as if they lived in the same world.-LS



We kept running into some problems with coating these screens. It turned out our trough for holding the emulsion was warped, and we kept getting uneven coats. To get the coats even, we ended up coating the screen with too much emulsion, causing drops and extra thick areas. When we’d go to burn the screens, some areas would wash out well, and others wouldn’t. We managed to get the screens burned, but we lost some detail on the smaller ox. We also realized we were probably exposing the emulsion for too long, making it hard to wash out. We’d end up scrubbing for a long time, scrubbing off detail from the tail or type. We’ve since fixed this problem, and have re-burned these screens.-LS

Lonely Boat

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Lonely boat lent itself well to numerous applications. I had found a painting print at a thrift store months before this project and when we were preparing the image I realized how great it would work to screen it directly onto the print. I used white to create the notion of a ghost like-ship or the absense of the ship altogether from the surrounding scenery. -JM



In the print above the boat is floating in an abstract plane (the texture was created with coffee stains). The composition is how I initially envisioned the lonely boat to exist, on a large canvas to emphasize its separation from anything else. -JM

Lonely Boat Process

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After completing the celebrate card we spent a few weeks separately brainstorming for potential subject matter and imagery that we would want to explore in 2009. I had inadvertently created a number of pieces in my undergrad that dealt with the idea of loneliness and isolation. One of those images that I wished to pursue further was a painting of a lone individual in a boat at sea. When Lisa and I got together to discuss our ideas she had a sketch of an anchor. She was drawn to the way an anchor can be viewed as a way for someone to intentionally settle themselves in a certain spot, but can also be seen as something that is holding someone back from getting where they wish to go. We decided to combine our ideas and thus Lonely Boat came to be. -JM








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