Lonely Boat

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Lonely boat lent itself well to numerous applications. I had found a painting print at a thrift store months before this project and when we were preparing the image I realized how great it would work to screen it directly onto the print. I used white to create the notion of a ghost like-ship or the absense of the ship altogether from the surrounding scenery. -JM



In the print above the boat is floating in an abstract plane (the texture was created with coffee stains). The composition is how I initially envisioned the lonely boat to exist, on a large canvas to emphasize its separation from anything else. -JM

Lonely Boat Process

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After completing the celebrate card we spent a few weeks separately brainstorming for potential subject matter and imagery that we would want to explore in 2009. I had inadvertently created a number of pieces in my undergrad that dealt with the idea of loneliness and isolation. One of those images that I wished to pursue further was a painting of a lone individual in a boat at sea. When Lisa and I got together to discuss our ideas she had a sketch of an anchor. She was drawn to the way an anchor can be viewed as a way for someone to intentionally settle themselves in a certain spot, but can also be seen as something that is holding someone back from getting where they wish to go. We decided to combine our ideas and thus Lonely Boat came to be. -JM