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Celebrate Process

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In ideating for a card to send out at the turn of the new year, we focused on our own adventures thus far with silk-screening. As the pursuit of creativity for pleasure was our main goal with our efforts, we figured the new years was a great time to encourage our friends and family to find ways in their own lives to experience the joy of creativity. Through a brainstorming session at Krakatoa we stumbled across the shared letters in “create” and “celebrate.” Utilizing a half fold form-factor would allow us a clever way to send both messages of inspiration to the recipient. The resulting card also provided us with a perfect segue to update people with what we had been up to that year.

The large Create/Celebrate type was fairly easy to transfer to the screen (besides the 1 mess-up shown below), but the small type that we initially laid out for the back of the card proved nearly impossible to burn into the screen. In hindsight, this was due to the fact that the transparency wasn’t dark enough plus we were over exposing it. We ended up using larger type on the back than we had initially planned and even then the type was not nearly as crisp as we had hoped for. Fortunately we heard back nothing but positive feedback from our friends and family that we gave the cards to, which motivated us to push on with our efforts. -JM