New Studio

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We know. We have totally flailed on keeping this blog at all up to date, but we have semi-reasonable excuse: We moved into a new studio space!

OK, so it’s kind of old news because we officially got the space in March, but it has taken a good chunk of time to really get situated. We are now officially settled and ready to produce some great work! Here are some pictures of our new setup.

The studio is in south downtown in the newly established Space 4 Art (, which aims to provide affordable artist live/work units. As you can see we have a good amount of space to work with and we are more than thrilled to have a sink that we can mess up and not worry about cleaning. -JM

Also, SAVE THE DATE: We are having an Open Studio night during the Space 4 Art stArt Here Opening Gala on June 26th from 6-8. Come by and see the new space, drink some free beer and eat some free food (homemade sausages, I believe), and see some of our new and old work. -LS






Etsy Store is Launched

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The Kaizen Collective Etsy store is officially live. We are selling apparel and prints of some of the work we’ve featured on the blog. We’ve put up a few items to start, and will add more as we create new designs.

Our focus will continue to be on exploring, experimenting, and using the silkscreen process as a creative outlet rather than on creating things to sell.

That being said, if you have any suggestions of items you’d like to see, or if you would like a customized piece (meaning a shirt of a specific size/color, or a print on a certain type of material, etc.), feel free to contact us.

Thanks for all of the kind compliments we’ve been receiving, and thanks for visiting the blog and our new store. -LS

Raveonettes Poster

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Second time is the charm! We got the dot pattern out of the pole, defining the “e” and making us very happy. We also altered the red ink a little so that it is more bright and saturated, an improvement from the first prints. Both Lisa and I are very pleased with the end result of this project. -JM

Raveonettes Concert Poster Process, Part 2: Printing

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The next step in our process after washing out the screens was making prints that combined the two layers into the finished product on high-quality paper.

We had some doubts about the main screen (for the red ink), primarily about the clarity and density of the half-tone pattern on the mic and most importantly the mic pole. It didn’t seem that enough of the dot pattern had washed out for the last “e” in Reveonettes to read, but we decided to go through with a few prints anyway to see how they worked.

We started by mixing the ink for the first screen. We were going for a blood red, not too primary, but also not too maroon.

Next, we aligned the first screen to the paper. We have been using the transparency as a way to help us align them evenly.



The first layer inked fairly evenly, and the color worked well on the paper. We dried them and then re-aligned with the second screen. This time we ran black ink for the microphone cord/noose.

The completed prints were moderately successful. We achieved the right look-and-feel for the band, and our alignment was working. But looking at the prints from the combined screens, we realized we really do want to get those half-tone dots washed out and fix a few other details that didn’t come through in the main screen.

Our plan is to burn a new screen and try again. New prints to come…-LS


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